A ticketing system is the most widely used medium of correspondence that web hosting companies offer to their customers. It’s most often part of the billing account and is the fastest way to deal with an issue that takes some time to investigate or that needs to be escalated to a server admin. Thus, all comments provided by either party will be stored in the same location in case someone else wants to work on the issue in question and the info in the ticket will be available to all parties. The downside of using a ticketing system with most hosting platforms is that it is not part of the hosting Control Panel, which implies that you’ll have to sign in and out of at least two accounts in order to do a given task or to reach the company’s customer support staff. If you wish to manage a handful of domains and each one of them is hosted in a different account, you’ll have to use even more accounts simultaneously. Furthermore, it may take a significant span of time for the hosting provider to respond to your ticket.

Integrated Ticketing System in Shared Website Hosting

Our Linux shared website hosting include an integrated support ticket system, which is an indivisible part of our in-house created Hepsia Control Panel. In stark contrast to other similar tools, Hepsia permits you to manage everything related to the web hosting service itself in the exact same location – invoices, web files, e-mails, support tickets, etc., avoiding the need to sign in and out of different interfaces. If you have any pre-sales or technical questions or any difficulties, you can open a ticket with a couple of clicks without ever leaving your Control Panel. In the meantime, you may pick a category and our system will offer you a variety of help articles, which will provide you with additional info and which may help you solve any particular problem even before you actually send a ticket. We guarantee a support ticket response time of maximum one hour, even if it’s a weekend or a legal holiday.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We believe that it is far more convenient to manage everything from one location, which is the reason why we’ve incorporated a ticketing system into the custom-built Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comes with each semi-dedicated server package. This will allow you to manage the correspondence with our help desk support staff along with your storage space, which means that you won’t have to remember one more log-in name for a different admin interface. You’ll be able to open a new ticket or to track down the status of an old one with less than a couple of clicks whilst you’re browsing the files hosted in your semi-dedicated account. Moreover, you can search through older tickets using a clever search option or take a look at applicable help articles, which provide solutions to common complications. The integrated ticketing system is closely monitored 24/7 with the maximum response time being only sixty minutes, so there will always be someone to assist you.